Patti Goes All In with the All-In Fest, Comedian Paul Farahvar, Animals Affected in Puerto Rico, and ‘What’s Paul Eating?!’ | Full Show (Oct 16th)

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Pretty Late with Patti Vasquez (Photo by Michael Heidemann)

Tonight on Pretty Late! (Oct 16th)  Comedian Paul Farahvar rides side car as Patti Goes ‘all in’ with the All-In Fest!  David Halpern (Managing Partner with Four Entertainment Group) and Jess DeBacco (Assistant GM at aliveOne) discuss the upcoming ALL-IN Fest which is taking over the “Music Mile” here in Chicago this upcoming Thursday and Friday (Oct 19th and 20th)!  Then, resident WGN Radio animal expert, Steve Dale joins us to discuss what has been happening to the animal population affected in Puerto Rico.  And finally, we bring you another exciting episode of ‘What’s Paul Eating?!’ – where Patti and the crew take listener calls to try and guess what type of food Paul Farahvar is eating for fabulous prizes.  All this AND more on Pretty Late!

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