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Former FBI agent begins investigation of Anne Frank cold case

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FBI agent Vince Pankoke (Courtesy of Cold Case Diary)

Retired FBI detective Vince Pankoke is taking charge of one last case. He was approached about a project on Anne Frank’s cold case, so Pankoke and a data team are taking on modern techniques to solve the mystery.  Pankoke says the number one asked question during the Anne Frank house tour is what what led to the arrest.  Two investigations were done in 1947 and in 1963, but with “modern information and techniques with the FBI, there is room for improvement.” Pankoke says one new strategy is appealing to the public. “We’ve actually been contacted by survivors from that time period that help put pieces of the puzzle together,” he says.  Another is using behavioral science profiling of witnesses, subjects, victims and the one survivor.

The goal is to finish the project by the seventy-fifth anniversary to honor the victims.  “A mere passing of time does not correct injustice no matter how long it takes.” The next step is contacting second and third generation family members that are seeking the truth.  To find out more information on the cold case or to make a donation, visit