The Mincing Rascals 10.12.17: Cook County soda tax repeal, immediate Chicago fix, protective netting, Harvey Weinstein

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The Mincing Rascals are John Williams, Steve Bertrand and special guest Kim Gordon of WGN Radio, and Scott Stantis and Eric Zorn of Chicago Tribune. A discussion of the drastic change in votes that led to the repeal of the Cook County soda tax leads to the discussion of word choice feminism. Then, the Rascals determine the underlying message in President Trump’s proclamation that the Chicago crime rate can be resolved “immediately” by one unnamed cop. They go on to depict the need for protective netting at baseball games. The Rascals then debate whether or not any of the blame for the Harvey Weinstein scandals goes to anyone apart from Weinstein himself. Then, they come to a resolution of what this lesson has worked to teach an overall people.

Steve recommends Friends and Traitors by John Lawton.

Kim recommends that you visit Barrio, a Mexican-Japanese fusion restaurant.

Eric recommends “Dirty John,” a podcast from Christopher Goffard.

Scott recommends that you check out his cartoon called “The Beatings Never Really Stop.”

John recommends The Chicago Cubs: Story of a Curse by Rich Cohen.