The Biggest Mistakes New Landlords Make

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Late rents, unwelcome tenants, and awkward interactions. These are just some examples of real estate horror stories that the ModSquad, Karla Mina, Nick Memeti and Graco Funes, with guest Melissa Diaz, shared on this week´s show along with tips for rookie landlords. Melissa, a stay-home mom, and a landlady say she has learned from her mistakes, with Karla agreeing that there are learning experiences with being a landlord. “It´s never always gonna be perfect,” said Karla. As a landlady, Melissa says that one of the lessons she learned is to be more thorough with the application process; she learned to do background checks and not take someone´s word for it. As an investor, Melissa says she would change the inspection process and the appraisal report she did before buying the property. She says she didn´t know of a gas meter situation that is costing her and will cost her money until they were already renovating the building. Melissa says this wouldn´t have been a deal breaker if she had known about it when buying the property, but she would have made negotiations around it. Nick says that something that happens a lot with young entrepreneurs in the real estate industry is they want to buy a place, renovate it and start making money right away. “It´s a game that doesn´t really exist.” Something Nick and Melissa agreed on was that being a landlord who lives in the same building as their tenants can be tricky because it can lead to awkward interactions. Melissa says that if she could go back, she wouldn´t have moved into the same property where she is a landlady.

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