Brian Noonan Show 10/1/17: Seeking medical attention and appraising sports memorabilia

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Michael Osacky (left) from Baseball in the Attic and Brian Noonan (right) (Photo credit: Cody Gough / WGN Radio)

Brian discusses the importance of seeking medical attention when you feel something might be wrong with you. Plus: callers ask Michael Osacky of Baseball in the Attic to appraise their sports memorabilia on-air.

To kick off the show, Brian discusses a recent health issue and his unwillingness to see a doctor until he absolutely couldn’t stand the pain anymore. He has a frank discussion with listeners about the importance of seeking medical attention when something might be seriously wrong.

Brian then turns his attention to some pointers for wedding guests to maintain proper etiquette when attending weddings, in advance of the upcoming nuptials of his producer, Cody Gough. Hear what to do and not do when you’ve been invited to the wedding of a friend or family member, and hear how drones are impacting wedding photography these days (!).

Then, newly anointed “Dean of Cracker Jack Baseball Cards” Michael Osacky of Baseball in the Attic discusses the value of sports memorabilia related to O.J. Simpson now that he’s on parole. He also appraises collectible items from listeners, including several baseball cards, autographed sports collectibles, and even an autographed poem from Muhammad Ali!

To wrap up the show, Karen Conti joins Brian in-studio to answer questions about O.J. Simpson’s parole, then helps listeners with their legal problems via call or text.

Editor’s note: Cody Gough, Brian’s producer, recently launched a new podcast called the Curiosity Podcast. Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, or SoundCloud, and if you love it, then please consider leaving a review!

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