Reflecting on the life of Hugh Hefner, World Alzheimer’s Month, National The NFL Protests are Affecting Elementary Schools, and the New TV Show “Dad-Narc” | Full Show (Sept 28th)

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Brian Noonan is in for host, Patti Vasquez tonight — With the news of Hugh Hefner’s passing, WGN Radio host Brian Noonan speaks with former Playboy Playmate and February 1979 cover model, Candice Jordan. Candice reflects on the former Chicagoan and magazine pioneer, Hugh Hefner. They discuss the life of Mr. Hefner and the controversy his magazine brought to the forefront of American popular culture. They also discuss the larger than life parties that the Playboy mansion was known for as well as softer side of the magazine mogul.  Then, with World Alzheimer’s Month happening this September, we welcome Dr. Matt Kennedy who gives us some insight into the debilitating disease as well as some strategies to detect the disease early.  News out of Florida has reported that the NFL Flag Protests have reached as far as the elementary school classroom.  A first grader was reportedly disciplined after sitting during the pledge – Brian and listeners discuss the story and if a 1st grader should be allowed to make these kinds of decisions before they reach true understanding.  And the fun continues as Brian and the team talk motivated reasoning, feathers roach clips, and the brand new TV show, “Dad-Narc”.   All this and more!