OTL #571: The future of journalism, Digital maps and local art, Chicago Book Expo preview

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Mike Stephen receives his 11 year anniversary gift wrapped in diaper coupons.

11 years of Outside the Loop Radio have brought Mike Stephen a myriad of laughs, debates, tacos, and gray hairs to his head. To celebrate OTL’s 11th birthday, Mike features three stories connected to a topic near and dear to his heart: DIY media. His anniversary guests include Bob McChesney, Professor of Communication at the University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana and Outside the Loop’s inaugural guest back in 2006, local artist Carla Fisher-Schwartz, who’s installation “True North” is featured at the SUB-MISSION space in Chicago, and John Wilson, co-organizer of the Chicago Book Expo. The local music for this week’s show is provided by EGI, Ethereal Groove, Inc..

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