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Live blog: Bears at Buccaneers

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We’re live blogging the Chicago Bears at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

jkaufs1 September 17, 201712:04 PM

Hi everyone, Justin Kaufmann here. I’ll be live blogging the game today. Bears defer, will start on D. 

jkaufs1 September 17, 201712:06 PM

I’m a pretty good athlete too.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:06 PM

Dick Stockton on the play-by-play. Should be a good one.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:08 PM

“Tre-vay-thon” LOL

jkaufs1 September 17, 201712:08 PM

The Bears D is going to have a tough time if they can’t get to Winston today. Short drops against blitz, finding wide receivers open. 

jkaufs1 September 17, 201712:10 PM

Bucs game plan: Beat Bears secondary. Good strategy. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:11 PM

Nice sack from Willie Young!

jkaufs1 September 17, 201712:12 PM

Willie Young needs to get a new sack dance. The fishing move is soooo last year. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:12 PM

Bears hold the Bucs drive. FG attempt coming up.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:12 PM

Bucs score first as Folk converts. 3-0 Tampa.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:13 PM

No offense to Kendall Wright, but it must be nice for a QB to have a Pro-Bowl receiver to throw to. 

jkaufs1 September 17, 201712:15 PM

Bears bend but don’t break. Need to avoid the 3 and out here. Let Vic Fangio and the D catch their breath, make the adjustments while Glennon gets something going. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:15 PM

This Seth MacFarlane show has got to be bad, right? 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:15 PM

Always like seeing kickers with a bit of a gut. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:17 PM

According to my fantasy football projections, Jordan Howard needs to score 63 points for me to win my fantasy matchup.

jkaufs1 September 17, 201712:17 PM

Not a great start for the Bears offense. Stuffed on the run and then a TO. VERRRRRRRY CUTLER.  

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:17 PM

Then burn an early time-out. Also very Cutler.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:19 PM

Nice third down conversion. Good pass from Glennon to The Human Joystick.

jkaufs1 September 17, 201712:19 PM

Bears offensive strategy: Give ball to Cohen til he dies. 

jkaufs1 September 17, 201712:21 PM
peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:23 PM

Glennon looking sharp so far.

jkaufs1 September 17, 201712:23 PM

You jinxed it, Pete. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:24 PM

Ugh! I did.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:24 PM

Do you know what’s The Worst? Red Zone turnovers.

jkaufs1 September 17, 201712:24 PM

Not sure what happened on that play, but it looked terrible across the board. Weird throw, late recognition from Sims and even later recognition that ball was in play. Interception, Bucs ball. Tough way to end a great first drive. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:25 PM

Took at least a FG attempt off the board. 

jkaufs1 September 17, 201712:26 PM

I’m a big believer that the Bears can with this game. But D will have to take the ball away too. If they don’t, that Bucs INT will be costly. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:26 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:28 PM

Nice stuff by Hicks to force a Bucs punt on a crucial 3rd and 1.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:28 PM

Extremely dumb play by Cohen.

jkaufs1 September 17, 201712:29 PM

Huge play by Hicks. But TERRIBLE play by the rookie on the punt return. Tarik Cohen tries to pick up the bouncing ball and fumbles. Bucs ball, first and goal. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:30 PM

Tough for the Bears D to have a great stop and then be forced to come back out in the heat.

jkaufs1 September 17, 201712:31 PM

Touchdown – Bucs.  Winston to Evans. Like it was practice. But did he get both feet down? Meh, why even look at it, officials. It’s your league’s rising stars so you can’t take points off board. That would anger the NFL. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:32 PM

jkaufs1 September 17, 201712:32 PM

So to sum up  – 2 turnovers for the Bears in the first quarter. This is not how you win games against playoff teams on the road. Unforced errors. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:32 PM

My dog Zuzu was not happy when I yelled at Tarik Cohen.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:33 PM

Bears need to answer with points here. 

jkaufs1 September 17, 201712:34 PM

Uh oh. 

jkaufs1 September 17, 201712:35 PM

Tanner Gentry sighting! Unsportsmanlike conduct on the kickoff. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:37 PM

Oh no, who is calling the Bears defensive plays?

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:38 PM

Also, am I supposed to know who Tyler Toney is?

jkaufs1 September 17, 201712:40 PM

Who even plays on this Bucs team anymore? Is Rhonde Barber still playing corner? I seriously don’t know any of these guys and I watched this year’s Hard Knocks. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:40 PM

Holding penalty on Massie puts Bears in a hole here.

jkaufs1 September 17, 201712:42 PM

The Bears have had some early success on 3rd down. Nice design, easy throw. Also, first Chris Conte sighting! He’s on this squad. We better burn him for a TD, seriously.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:44 PM


jkaufs1 September 17, 201712:44 PM

This is just getting ridiculous. Glennon throws/fumbles an interception. 3rd turnover of the first half. I mean, come on. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:44 PM

Bears are not a good enough team to overcome three turnovers in less than a half of football.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:46 PM

jkaufs1 September 17, 201712:46 PM

This will be first key moment of this game. The Bears defense not only needs to make a stop to keep this a 10-0 game, but they need to step up and force a turnover. This kind of offense works when you have a defense that can keep you in games (games like this). If this defense is just about forcing punts and nothing else, it will be a very long year in Chicago. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:46 PM

I miss these Bucs uniforms.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:47 PM

jkaufs1 September 17, 201712:51 PM

Bears are not looking right. Turnovers and penalties. It’s a sloppy game for a team that doesn’t have enough talent to overcome. 1st and goal, Bucs. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:51 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:51 PM

Bears defensive call: “Cheat”

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:53 PM

Another killer penalty. Defense has to stay on the field.

jkaufs1 September 17, 201712:55 PM

It’s the makings of a blowout. Sorry, but the Bears got off the field twice in that drive yet 3rd down defensive holding penalties kept the Bucs alive. That’s insane. Starting to channel my inner OB. THIS IS NOT GOOD FOOTBALL! 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:55 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:56 PM

This is not good football, but it will make for great post-game reaction from Hamp and OB.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 201712:58 PM

Bears need a nice, long, sustained drive that ends up in points. 

jkaufs1 September 17, 201712:59 PM

Bears look overmatched and underprepared for this game. 

Big plays: 

Bucs LB reads Glennon’s eyes and jumps route for early INT (Bears were driving) 

Tarik Cohen inexplicably tries to pick up bouncing punt and fumbles. Bucs score TD on next play. 

Glennon pressured, hit (I guess) as he throws and DT gets interception. 

Willie Young holding call on 3rd down stop on goal line. 

jkaufs1 September 17, 20171:00 PM

Nice 3rd down conversion there from Glennon to Bellamy. Glennon clocked after he threw it. Borderline roughing, no call. 

jkaufs1 September 17, 20171:01 PM

Bears are excelling at the 2 yard running play today. 

jkaufs1 September 17, 20171:02 PM

Tom Compton on the ground with injury. He’s the replacement for Kyle Long. Bears having some injury problems today to the guys replacing guys who are injured. 

jkaufs1 September 17, 20171:04 PM

Bears offsense looks to be throwing in the towel. Two straight running plays at midfield. Another 3rd and long. AND I’M DONE.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20171:04 PM


jkaufs1 September 17, 20171:05 PM

This is embarrassing. Very embarrassing, Virginia. 

jkaufs1 September 17, 20171:06 PM

Glennon throws 3 interceptions in the first half as the Bucs pick up where they left off last year with a 24-0 lead.

jkaufs1 September 17, 20171:07 PM

Glennon throws 3 interceptions in the first half as the Bucs pick up where they left off last year with a 23-0 lead (Bucs missed extra point). 

jkaufs1 September 17, 20171:08 PM

Hey growing pains. We knew the rookie sensation Mike Glennon would have days like this. It’s all part of the maturation process. Um…..wait…..

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20171:09 PM

Bears catch a break with a Tampa missed PAT. Only down 23-0. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20171:09 PM

My prediction. Bears 24, Tampa 23.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20171:11 PM

How much longer do you give Glennon?

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20171:12 PM

One more turnover?

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20171:12 PM

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20171:13 PM

“Glennon is not a bad quarterback” -Dick Stockton, lying.

jkaufs1 September 17, 20171:14 PM

I say let’s see what Mark Sanchez has left in the tank. We need to develop Sanchez, give him some reps so he can mature. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20171:16 PM

Jordan Howard: 8 carries. 9 yards. Not good for the Bears or my fantasy team. 

jkaufs1 September 17, 20171:16 PM

WR Kendall Wright being attended to on the Bears sideline. Looks like arm/wrist injury. Can Trubs play wide out? 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20171:17 PM

Uh oh. Kendall Wright out with an injury.

jkaufs1 September 17, 20171:18 PM

Jordan Howard stuffed on 3rd and short. On a very uninspiring play call. The Bears are just being outplayed and outsmarted at every level. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20171:20 PM

jkaufs1 September 17, 20171:20 PM

The only good news for a Bears blowout is that I can concentrate on my Fantasy Baseball playoffs. And by concentrate, I mean watch every at bat of the As/Phillies game. 

jkaufs1 September 17, 20171:21 PM

Yep, and the Bucs are already back to the spot they punted from. I like the Bucs strategy though, go for points. Don’t let up. It’s better than the “run the ball and get to the locker room” which seems to be the Bears strategy since midway through the 1st quarter. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20171:23 PM

Who is on the Phillies these days? Is Manny Trillo still at second?

jkaufs1 September 17, 20171:25 PM

Oh my lord. That was the worst defensive play of the game. Let Mike Evans catch the ball, run up the field and saunter out of bounds to give the Bucs field goal range. Unbelievable. Bears are just lifeless. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20171:27 PM

Lifeless, indeed. Bears down 26-0 at the half.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20171:27 PM

The good news is that the Bears receive the ball first in the second half!

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20171:27 PM

So the next Glennon interception should be coming up soon!

jkaufs1 September 17, 20171:27 PM

The end of the half ends with a Bucs field goal. 26-0. Bears show no fight at end of half, let Bucs add field goal. Very unsettling. You want to blame players, but seems like Bears coaching is also on the hook here. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20171:32 PM

Michael Strahan says pull Glennon and give Trubisky a shot. And Michael Strahan is the host of the $100,000 Pyramid so he knows stuff!

jkaufs1 September 17, 20171:32 PM

The Fox halftime crew talking about whether or not it’s time to turn to Trubisky for second half. Glennon is formally credited with 2 INT and a fumble (although that fumble was essentially a pick). 

jkaufs1 September 17, 20171:37 PM

If you look at it from a marketing standpoint, I’d start the second half with Trubisky. He literally can’t do worse than Glennon and if he does bring the Bears back, it’s the big national story of week 2 in the NFL. Great upside, not a lot of downside. 

jkaufs1 September 17, 20171:40 PM

And frankly, what message do you send to Glennon by putting him back in? That there is no accountability? I’d at least go to Sanchez. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20171:40 PM

jkaufs1 September 17, 20171:41 PM

16 rushing yards in 1st half for the run-first Bears. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20171:41 PM

Seriously, it this the guy you want as your starting QB? He looks like an alien.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20171:42 PM

Nice three and out to start the second half. So disappointing.

jkaufs1 September 17, 20171:42 PM

Glennon misses on first 2 passes of second half. 3 and out. 

jkaufs1 September 17, 20171:43 PM

It’s now been 6 quarters of football for the 2017 Bears, and no takeaways from the D. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20171:44 PM

When Mark Schlereth says your punter is your best offensive weapon, things aren’t going well. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20171:47 PM

First time I heard Floyd’s name all day. Almost gets to Winston. Bears pressure has not been great today.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20171:53 PM

Bears get a turnover!

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20171:54 PM

Tampa fumble picked up by Floyd. 

jkaufs1 September 17, 20171:55 PM

The Bears force a turnover for the first time in 2017. McPhee & Trevathan force the fumble, but I wonder if the Bucs are going to challenge. Maybe not in a 26-0 blowout. 

jkaufs1 September 17, 20171:57 PM

Kendall Wright back in the game after 1st half injury. Nice to see. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20172:00 PM

Bears can’t take advantage of Bucs fumble. Look listless on offense. 

jkaufs1 September 17, 20172:00 PM

Finally! My favorite play! The 3rd and 11 dump off to the running back for 6 yards. Classic Bears. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20172:00 PM

Another good punt from O’Donnell though.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20172:09 PM

This is another killer drive from Tampa.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20172:11 PM

Tampa looks like a playoff team. Bears look worse than last year. Big regresson from last week. 

jkaufs1 September 17, 20172:12 PM

And that’s saying something – the Bears were 3-13 last year. 

jkaufs1 September 17, 20172:13 PM

It’s one thing if our team loses. But it’s unacceptable to be blown out. We sent Trestman packing for this very reason. Yet, 3 years later we are in the same situation. Woeful. 

jkaufs1 September 17, 20172:15 PM

The Bears have had two really difficult losses to start the season. Last week, couldn’t punch it in to win at the end. Today, dominated. Worst kind of losing. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20172:16 PM

I know it’s not just the QB play, but does Fox give Trubisky a legit chance to start during practice next week?

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20172:17 PM

29-0 at the start of the 4th quarter. Unacceptable.

jkaufs1 September 17, 20172:18 PM

Re Trubisky: Doubtful. I don’t have a lot of faith that fan frustration will push Coach Fox to think twice about his earlier decision. I mean, they can’t even make halftime adjustments. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20172:21 PM

But what about coach frustration? Don’t they have eyes? They can’t be happy with Glennon. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20172:22 PM

Josh Sitton heading to the locker room. Injuries are mounting for the Bears. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20172:23 PM

There is the Bellamy we have come to know and hate. 

Justin Kaufmann September 17, 20172:25 PM

The Bears #1 WRs has a career-long case of the drops. 

Justin Kaufmann September 17, 20172:26 PM

It’s Kendall Wright, Dick. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20172:27 PM

It would be a weapon if the Bears had a WR that could catch a ball.

Justin Kaufmann September 17, 20172:27 PM

Give me a break, Bears. The reason they are dropping passes is because the Bucs are delivering huge hits on every play. Mostly cause Glennon is throwing crossing routes underneath….for a living. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20172:28 PM

How is that A’s – Phillies game going, JK?

Justin Kaufmann September 17, 20172:29 PM

Mike Glennon needs to sit down. Every single pass is the check down. 3-4 yards, regardless of down and distance. Even on that 4th down, he threw the crossing route to Miller, 7 yards short of the sticks. It’s frustrating to watch this offense. It’s very Dick Jauron, Bears fans. 

Justin Kaufmann September 17, 20172:32 PM

Perfect example: Bucs QB Winston throws an incomplete route to the Tight End. A route that was 17 yards downfield. Have the Bears even attempted a route over 7 yards?

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20172:33 PM

“The Bears will go on attack” -Dick Stockton, lying again.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20172:37 PM

Is it bad that I don’t want the Bears to score a meaningless 4th quarter TD? I’m sort of hoping for a shutout.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20172:40 PM

Tanner Gentry has been watching Josh Bellamy. Another dropped pass.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20172:41 PM

“And a good play made by Chris Conte” is a phrase no Bears fan wants to hear.

Justin Kaufmann September 17, 20172:42 PM

The Bears are developing a bit of a personality early in this 2017 season. They are not making plays when it counts. Whether last week 1st and goal at the end of the game or ALL day today, they just can’t make the plays to score touchdowns. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20172:42 PM

(Flips over to Cubs game). Cubs up 2-0 in the bottom of the 4th over the Cards.

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20172:45 PM

Jordan Howard has ZERO fantasy points. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20172:47 PM

I don’t want to hear what Mike Glennon taught Winston about playing QB. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20172:51 PM

Mike Glennon is not a very good QB.

Justin Kaufmann September 17, 20172:52 PM

Bears break up the shut out. Oh joy. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20172:54 PM

Mike Glennon on the sideline talking to Mark Sanchez and acting like he did something spectacular. I hate this guy. 

peterzimmermanwgnam September 17, 20172:55 PM

Can’t wait for the analysis from Hamp, OB and Koz coming up on WGN.

Justin Kaufmann September 17, 20172:56 PM

The Bears lose today. 29-7. The big storyline? The Bears 4 turnovers in the first half, including a pick-6. Mike Glennon is very underwhelming and the Bears defense was shredded by Jameis Winston and the Bucs. Postgame on WGN Radio now.