Live blog: 2017 Emmy Awards

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We’re live blogging the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards.

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:01 PM

Figure now is the best time to introduce myself: I’m Tom Hush, producer for the Saturday Night Special and host of No Coast Cinema for WGN Plus!

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20177:01 PM

Hello all! Camille Suknovich here, producer for the Dave Plier show.

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:02 PM

Looks like they’re starting off the show on the right foot with a musical number from host Stephen Colbert

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20177:02 PM

You gotta love a musical cold open

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:02 PM

The cameos from nominees are a very nice touch!

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:03 PM

AND Chance the Rapper?!

I’m in heaven.

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20177:03 PM

An appearance by Chance the Rapper! A pleasant surprise.

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20177:05 PM

Bravo Stephen  Colbert! A great start to the show.

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:07 PM

I’m so glad Colbert is hosting tonight. He’s got the right balance to his humor and oozes charisma.

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:08 PM

Love this shout out to the male handmaids:

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20177:09 PM

That Ted Cruz joke caught me off guard! Loving this monologue so far

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:09 PM

Colbert 1, Cruz 0

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20177:09 PM

Sorry I’m late! Great monologue so far

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20177:10 PM

“There are roles in Hollywood for women over 12” Colbert on Millie Bobby Brown, co-star of Stranger Things.

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20177:10 PM

Jess!!!!! Jess from Gilmore Girls yes hi hello

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:11 PM

Oh god Colbert just called out Bill Maher!

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20177:12 PM

These Colbert burns are too good. Someone get some ice! 

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20177:12 PM

Nice, Maher’s got it coming.

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:12 PM

I’m with you on that one Griffin

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20177:14 PM

Here come the Trump jokes…I’m ready for this!

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20177:14 PM

How long did Seth Meyers have those marbles in his mouth?

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:16 PM

As I live and breath, Sean Spicer on the Emmys?!

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20177:16 PM

The REAL Sean Spicer! The reaction shot of Melissa McCarthy was priceless.

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:17 PM

Here comes our first award, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20177:18 PM

That was a great balance of politics and not politics. Not preachy, but not oblivious to the world outside either. Pretty good job on the monologue I think. I don’t miss Sean Spicer haha, but that was great

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20177:18 PM

I really hope Ron Cephas Jonas wins. His performance in This is Us was full of heart.

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:19 PM

John Lithgow wins for his performance as Winston Churchill in “The Crown”

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20177:20 PM

I wonder if the Crown is gonna do something like a sweep tonight, I bet the academy loves that show.

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20177:20 PM

Anybody that plays Churchill in anything can expect an award of somekid.

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:21 PM

I was a big fan of the Crown, not sure what it’s prospects are for the rest of the night.

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:23 PM

I’m sure Netflix is pleased with the recognition

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20177:25 PM

Let me use this commercial break to confess that I haven’t seen a TON of the nominated shows. Lately most of my tv time is dedicated to rewatching 30 Rock on netflix before they take it down

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20177:26 PM

Griffin that is exactly what I have been doing. 

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20177:27 PM

Haha if only it was nominated this year, I’d have sooooo much to contribute

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:27 PM

Next award:  Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20177:27 PM

Gina!!!! Love her

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:28 PM

Kate McKinnon takes home the award for Saturday Night Live

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20177:28 PM

Kate McKinnon is amazing, so glad she won! 

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:28 PM

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20177:28 PM

I love this!!!! She’s so great. SNL wins are so rare

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20177:28 PM

For acting

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20177:29 PM

But she totally deserves it. I wanted her to be nominated for a supporting actor Oscar for Ghostbusters too. 

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20177:30 PM

She deserves this for singing “Hallelujah” after the election alone. That was an amazing piece of tv. I don’t love everything they’ve done with Trump, but that was perfect.

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20177:30 PM

Sums up that moment
griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20177:32 PM

Laura Dern!!!!! The greatest ever

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:32 PM

Laura Dern wins the award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20177:32 PM

Big Little Lies is gonna clean up the mini-series stuff

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:32 PM

Absolutely, it was a great limited series

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:34 PM

Out of curiosity, how are you two watching the show? I’m on traditional antenna TV.

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20177:35 PM

John Williams here, sharing Producer Girffin’s laptop.  Tech problems for me but wow, good show so far! The Spicer reclamation project is underway.

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20177:36 PM

I am watching at my friend’s apartment on a good ole cable tv! 

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:37 PM

That sounds like a great idea for a show, John. 

“The Spicer Reclamation Project” with Ty Pennington

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20177:39 PM

Dave Chappelle never fails to make me laugh

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:39 PM

Next award is Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:39 PM

Donald Glover wins for “Atlanta”

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20177:39 PM

Is there anything that Donald Glover can’t do? 

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20177:39 PM

Wow! So great to see Donald Glover on stage, I really want Atlanta to win comedy series. Such an amazing show

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:40 PM

Atlanta was truly one of the best of last year. All accolades absolutely deserved.

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:41 PM

Outstanding Variety Sketch Series is up next

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20177:42 PM

I did not realize Tracey Ullman still had a show.

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:42 PM

Saturday Night Live is the winner

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20177:42 PM

Not surprised that SNL took the award. They had a killer season.

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:42 PM

I’m not sure Tracey Ullman realized she still had a show

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:43 PM

I would have preferred to see Documentary Now win. SNL is great but Documentary Now is subversive, inventive and overall hysterical.

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20177:43 PM

Perfect speech from Lorne Michaels. Short, to the point and humorous. 

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20177:44 PM

JW here.  In case anyone is wondering, no tweets from POTUS so far…

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:45 PM

Any predictions on when we can expect his outburst?

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20177:46 PM

I say late tonight or sometime tomorrow morning. 

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:46 PM

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:48 PM

Aaaand now for a bizarre Westworld sketch

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20177:50 PM

Okay 1-100 this Westworld sketch.  94.

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20177:51 PM

Tituss Burgess makes everything better

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:51 PM

Time for the next award: Outstanding Writer for a Drama Series

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:52 PM

Bruce Miller wins for “The Handmaid’s Tale”

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:53 PM

First win for The Handmaid’s Tale tonight, hopefully the first of many

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20177:56 PM

Louie Anderson won last year right? Or was that the Golden Globes? 

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20177:57 PM

This should have been Titus Burgess! He’s the funniest man on tv to me.

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:57 PM

Alec Baldwin wins Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for his portrayal of President Trump on SNL

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20177:57 PM

I mean…super predictable that Baldwin won. I think Tituss should’ve taken the award, he carried Kimmy Schmidt this season. 

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20177:57 PM

I agree with both of you, Alec Baldwin was low hanging fruit. 

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20177:59 PM

I like his Trump, it’s very good, but that category was just so stacked. Would have loved to see Louie Anderson win too. Or the Veep guys, they’re always great, but that show has gotten its share of love already

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20178:01 PM

I feel like this season of SNL wasn’t as good as people say it was. I found myself paying more attention to Samantha Bee and John Oliver.

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20178:04 PM

I think that’s fair. It had great moments. Dave Chappelle in the show after the election, Kate McKinnon in everything, Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer, but I still have a bad taste in my mouth from when Trump hosted during the campaign. It was a good season tho

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20178:04 PM

Rachel Bloom is great, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a good show

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20178:05 PM

Has Alexis Blidel aged at all?!

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20178:06 PM

Big Little Lies takes home another award!

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20178:07 PM

Jean-Marc Vallee wins Outstanding Directing for a Limited Series, Movie or Dramatic Special for his work on “Big Little Lies”

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20178:08 PM

I am unafraid to declare my appreciation for Dolly Parton

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20178:09 PM

Also, for all you millennials out there, Lily Tomlin was the voice of Mrs. Frizzle on The Magic School Bus.

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20178:09 PM

What?! Tom I had no idea. That’s so cool!

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20178:11 PM

Alexander Skarsgaard wins Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie for “Big Little Lies”

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20178:12 PM

Very excited for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama! A category with a lot of great talent.

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20178:13 PM

Trivia: Alexander Skarsgaard is the son of actor Stellan Skarsgaard of “Good Will Hunting” fame and the brother of Bill Skarsgaard who plays Pennywise the Dancing Clown in the new adaptation of “IT”

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20178:13 PM

JW here.  Just hoping I can tape three things at once. Missing Packers game, Ken Burns Vietnam and Outlander…

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20178:16 PM

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20178:17 PM

For all you Packer fans out there

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20178:18 PM


CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20178:21 PM

C’mon ‘Last Week Tonight’!!!!

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20178:22 PM

The writing staff of Last Week Tonight wins Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20178:22 PM

So glad ‘Last Week Tonight’ won. Such a well thought out program every week.

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20178:24 PM

Ann Dowd wins Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for “The Handmaid’s Tale”

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20178:24 PM

JW here  Camille, I think you’re right about Oliver.  Even when he’s not super funny, his show is super smart. I appreciate the points they make, as much as the humor.

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20178:27 PM

JW here – Do not play Ann Dowd off. THAT is a good THANK YOU speech to the people in your life that made it happen. TEARS!

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20178:28 PM

I guess I need to get a Hulu subscription, have to catch up and watch “Handmaid’s Tale”

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20178:28 PM

I guess I need to get a Hulu subscription. Got to catch up and watch “Handmaid’s Tale”

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20178:29 PM

JW here:  Ditto to Hulu. Haven’t seen 2 seconds of it.  Yet I love his show!

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20178:32 PM

“The television community embraces you, and the stories you choose to create”
This is a very moving moment.

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20178:33 PM

Handmaid’s Tale was easily my favorite show this year

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20178:35 PM

Master of None is a spotty show, not every episode is created equal, but wowowowow Thanksgiving was incredible. Totally deserves this

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20178:35 PM

This is Griffin now haha

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20178:36 PM

Aziz Ansari and Lena Waithe win Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series for Master of None

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20178:37 PM

I think Master of None is great because it took some risks in writing and directing

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20178:37 PM

Lena Waithe is the first African American woman to receive the award for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series.

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20178:38 PM

The Voice wins Outstanding Reality Competition Program

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20178:38 PM

I’m going to be 100% real here: I can’t stand TV singing/talent competitions.

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20178:39 PM

Hahahah I’ve given plenty of my time to them in the past, but I don’t watch the Voice. Would rather see Project Runway win

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20178:41 PM

Ru Paul is fantastic. Has twice the personality of Adam Levine.

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20178:44 PM

Anna Chlumsky sobbing during Lena Waithe’s speech is still haunting me! That was so sweet, such a great speech.

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20178:47 PM

Handmaid’s Tale is crushing

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20178:47 PM

Reed Morano wins Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series for Handmaid’s Tale

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20178:48 PM

Love seeing female directors being recognized

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20178:48 PM

Such a great show. Get out there and watch it if you haven’t seen it (and read the book!)

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20178:50 PM

Charlie Brooker wins Outstanding Writing for a Limited Series or Movie for the Black Mirror episode “San Junipero”

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20178:51 PM

This was definitely the best episode of Black Mirror’s last season. A break from their depressing, nihilistic, apocalyptic streak. It was so sweet and touching. Good win

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20178:52 PM
J.J. Abrams spotting

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20178:56 PM

Strange graphics on the In Memoriam 

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20178:56 PM

These “In Memoriam” segments always get me. So surreal to see these great artists again.

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20178:57 PM

Griffin I was thinking the exact same thing.

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20178:59 PM

JW here.  Exactly.  This is a good show tonight.  Good blend of speeches, funny Trump digs, produced features.  And that they do the In Memoriam segment live, mixing produced video with stage music, is underappreciated.  Well done. Good night, Mary!

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20179:03 PM

Don Roy King wins Outstanding Directing for a Variety Series for SNL

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20179:05 PM

I love getting to see the people who make these shows happen behind the scenes. Without them, TV doesn’t exist.

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20179:05 PM

JW Here. Agreed, Tom. And a really good speech.  I’ll keep this short – very funny, too.

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20179:05 PM

Totally agree Tom. That recognition is so important!

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20179:06 PM

Last Week Tonight wins Outstanding Variety Talk Series

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20179:07 PM

Very interesting to not see “The Tonight Show” nominated this year. What do you guys think?

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20179:07 PM

JW here.  Hey America.  Colbert or his team deserve an award tonight.  And Desus and Mero – prediction – will be nominated next year.  Book it.

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20179:09 PM

JW here – Is it possible Jimmy Fallon tossling POTUS’s hair doomed him?

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20179:14 PM

JW here – “They can only make one a week.” Nice.

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20179:14 PM

I think Jimmy is just a bit too shallow for my tastes. His show is fun, but there’s no bite to it. 

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20179:15 PM

I stopped watching The Tonight Show a couple of years ago. My favorite network host is Jimmy Kimmel.

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20179:15 PM

If he were to stay apolitical, he would have to be more of a Carson type, which if we’re being honest he could never be.

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20179:16 PM

Donald Glover wins Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20179:16 PM

JW here.  Jimmy Kimmel is the best on TV.  And Glover again?!?!  I’m going to have to give that show another full effort.

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20179:18 PM

Julia Louis-Dreyfus wins Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for Veep

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20179:19 PM

She’s amazing on Veep, but she’ll always be Elaine to me!

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20179:19 PM

JW here.  The reverse Susan Lucci.  Julia L D wins again.  Here show is REALLY cringe worthy good.  And is Kevin Spacey really recording this on his phone?

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20179:21 PM

Two industry legends announcing an award? Are we in for an Oscars repeat?

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20179:21 PM

JW  here.  Well put:  “…laughter adds time to our lives.”

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20179:22 PM

Veep wins Outstanding Comedy Series

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20179:22 PM

I really would have liked to see Silicon Valley win.

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20179:22 PM

Would have preferred a win for Atlanta, but congrats to Veep

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20179:23 PM

Veep is another show I need to watch! A lot of great content out right now. So much to watch, so little time.

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20179:24 PM

JW here:  Remembering the line, there isn’t a small paper store!

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20179:24 PM

Veep is another show I need to see! A lot of great content out right now. So much to watch, so little time.

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20179:25 PM

JW here:  Camille, I would have been way okay to see Silicon V win, too…

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20179:30 PM

JW Here:  Last POTUS tweet still begins with, “Loser terrorist must be dealt with…”

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20179:32 PM

Riz Ahmed wins Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie for The Night Of

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20179:33 PM

I think one of the takeaways of this year’s show is: traditional broadcast needs to catch up

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20179:33 PM

JW here:  If you didn’t watch The Night Of, you should. That should DRAWS you in and it is amazing. This award is deserved.

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20179:34 PM

Nicole Kidman wins Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie for Big Little Lies

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20179:37 PM

Notice how much time they’re giving Nicole Kidman. I guess it pays to be a movie star…

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20179:38 PM

This is Nicole Kidman’s first Emmy win!

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20179:38 PM

JW here:  Tom I guess it pays to ROCK a great speech. But yeah, I noticed.

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20179:39 PM

Black Mirror: San Junipero wins for Best Television Movie

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20179:40 PM

JW here:  Camille, I didn’t hear that. Thanks!

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20179:41 PM

While it didn’t win, please check out the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. Both the book and tv movie are fascinating and worth your time.

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20179:43 PM

Very happy they’re honoring Roots. Unbelievably important moment in TV history

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20179:43 PM

JW here:  This roots presentation with Ms. Tyson is what makes these shows so great.  Live, honest, imperfect, human…

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20179:44 PM

Couldn’t agree more John.

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20179:44 PM

Big Little Lies wins Outstanding Limited Series

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20179:45 PM

JW here;  So…Nicole is 8’13” right?

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20179:50 PM

Fingers crossed Milo wins!

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20179:51 PM

Sterling K. Brown wins Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for This Is Us

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20179:51 PM

Ok but I am actually super happy that Sterling K. Brown won. I love This is Us so much.

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20179:51 PM

Great actor, very glad to see him get the win. This Is Us has been a juggernaut for NBC.

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20179:52 PM

This seems like a fun win, Sterling K. Brown is great. That said I watched the first ep of This is Us and thought it was pretty dumb haha, didn’t stick with it

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20179:52 PM

It is one of the only shows on TV I still watch every week at its scheduled air time.

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20179:53 PM

Agreed Tom, not many network dramas nominated this year.

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20179:53 PM

I am loving this speech

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20179:53 PM

Shoutouts to Dick Whitman (lol) and Andre Braugher! Haha love it

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20179:54 PM

Damn they fully cut him off. That sucks

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20179:54 PM


tomhushwgnam September 17, 20179:56 PM

Elisabeth Moss wins Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for The Handmaid’s Tale

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20179:56 PM

Can’t believe she never won for Mad Men!

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20179:57 PM

This is the win I was waiting for. She gives an incredible performance in this show. Been waiting for her to win an award since she played Peggy on Mad Men.

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20179:57 PM

Thinking Handmaid’s Tale has a very good shot at Outstanding Drama

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 20179:57 PM

Woah what did she say!!!

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 20179:58 PM

I really want to know what she said!

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20179:58 PM

Here it is folks, the final award!

tomhushwgnam September 17, 20179:59 PM

The Handmaid’s Tale wins Outstanding Drama Series

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 201710:00 PM

Cannot wait to watch this series!

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 201710:01 PM

Margaret Atwood in the house ohhhhhhhhhh!!!

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 201710:02 PM

“Go home, get to work, we have a lot of things to fight for”. Great last words for the program.

griffinfillipitchwgnam September 17, 201710:03 PM

Definitely! Good show, good winners, this was fun yall

tomhushwgnam September 17, 201710:03 PM

Thanks Camille, Griffin and John. Lots of fun!

CamilleSuknovichWGN September 17, 201710:04 PM

Great program this evening. The Emmys are always one of my favorite award shows to watch! Lots of shows I need to catch up on! Thanks Tom, Griffin and John! I had a great time.

tomhushwgnam September 17, 201710:05 PM

Shameless plug – If you want to hear me talk about all things movies, check out No Coast Cinema here on WGN Plus!