New Hygene Techniques, Misheard Song Lyrics, The “Rules of the Road” when it comes to biking and “What’s Paul Eating” | Jon Hansen and Esmeralda Leon (Full Show)

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Jon Hansen and Esmeralda Leon

Jon Hansen and Esmeralda Leon are back in action at the big table! Tonight the dynamic duo takes a look at Esmeralda’s hygienic practices and her new approach to deodorants.  Then, Ron Burke (Active Transportation Alliance) discusses the importance of biking regulations in the city as we discuss the “rules of the road”.  Comedian Rebecca V. O’Neal, who the community has rallied around after a stalking situation which caused her to move from the city jumps on air to tell her story.  After that we play another exciting episode of “What’s Paul Eating?” with comedian, Paul Farahvar – where listeners call in to guess what Paul is eating for a fabulous prize.   And have you misheard a lyric before?  Well, Jon and Es delve into the world of misconstrued song lyrics — And finally, they open the lines to hear what type of animal you would not like to fly with.  All this and more!

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