“Elton Jim” “previews” what REALLY will be performed during the upcoming “Springsteen On Broadway” run in New York, and he tries to untangle all the webs of confusion of the recently-ended “Twin Peaks: The Return” — we still don’t know who killed Laura Palmer!!!

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In this 69th episode of “Elton Jim” Turano’s “CAPTAIN POD-TASTIC,” Jim Turano lifts the veil of secrecy and offers his own “preview” on what the upcoming one-man “Springsteen On Broadway” show will include.  Will it be an acoustic performance mixed with readings and recollections from Bruce’s recent autobiogrpahy “Born To Run,” as has been reported?  Maybe…but Jim has his own ideas.  And in the “Pop Culture Club,” Jim and Emily Armanetti debate the entire series of “Twin Peaks: The Return,” which recently ended its 18-episode run, and left fans confused, frustrated, challenged, and entertained — with more questions than resolutions.