Comptroller Susana Mendoza, DogHouse Crossfit, A look at Chicago’s Architectural History and Dr. Lars Dingman “The Itunes Psychic” | Full Show (Sept 6th)

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Pretty Late with Patti Vasquez (Photo by Michael Heidemann)

Tonight on Pretty Late (Sept 6th) we welcome on Comptroller Susana A. Mendoza who gives us a run down of what is happening on both a state and national level.  Comedian Brandon C. Price (VAMP Chicago) also rides side car to lend his expertise to today’s hottest topics.  Then, from Dog House Crossfit we welcome Courtney Kendall who gives us some insight into the world of cross-fit.  And “The Doghouse” being Patti’s own personal gym lends itself to the interview as we discuss proper workout techniques and the history behind this great workout facility.  Comedian Joe Killgallon jumps on air to discuss his upcoming show which is supporting the Wip Theater and Pediatric Congenital Heart Association of Illinois.  To take a look back into Chicago’s past we bring on author, Joni Hirsch Blackman who has an amazing new book out called, “This Used To Be Chicago“.  It’s the perfect book for Chicago buffs, history lovers, and architecture admirers.  And finally, we welcome the world famous Itunes Psychic , Dr. Lars Dingman.  Tonight he takes two WGN Radio callers and reads their reality through the music they listen to.  For more information on Dr. Dingman visit:

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