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Rich Koz’s Big Announcement… ‘Svengoolie’ is Moving On Up!, Looking Back at Classic Comedy: ‘The Three Stooges’ with Moe’s Daughter Joan Maurer, ‘Abbott & Costello’ with Lou’s Daughter Chris Costello

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PHOTO: This rare photo of FOUR Stooges was taken when Curly - who had left the team after suffering a stroke, replaced by Shemp - made a cameo appearance in "Hold That Lion" (1947). It was the only short with all three Howard Brothers. Courtesy of Joan Maurer, Columbia Pictures/Courtesy C3 Entertainment, Inc.

Rich Koz hangs out with Dave to share his big announcement that ‘Svengoolie’ will begin airing at 7pm cst, beginning September 9th; the upcoming ‘Munsters’ reboot and a look back at America’s most classic comedy teams with Joan Mauer daughter of Moe Howard from ‘The Three Stooges’, and Chris Costello, daughter of Lou Costello of ‘Abbott & Costello’.

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