The John Williams Show Full Podcast 08.17.17: Bannon out, Tina Fey’s sheet cake, total solar eclipse

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Todd Manley and John Williams (Stephanie Menendez / WGN Radio)

Chief Strategist Steve Bannon officially resigned today. John tries to find out why with ABC News Washington Correspondent Arlette Saenz. Plus, Tina Fey suggests that we all relieve our frustration with the ongoing neo-Nazi protests through sheet cake. Angelica’s Bakery sends the studio two cakes, one caramel with white frosting and an American Flag on top, and one yellow cake with the same design. Then, WGN Radio Host Patti Vasquez previews her report to come from the total solar eclipse in Carbondale Monday. Finally, you call us to tell us what’s making you smile for the Bright Side of Life.