Paul Lisnek’s – “Behind the Curtain”: Gatekeepers of the White House, Greenhouse Theater Center

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Paul Lisnek

The most powerful person in the world is the President of the United States, but the second most powerful person is arguably his chief of staff, the person who controls access to the President, has his ear and has to have the guts to tell the President “no.” Filmmaker and Author Chris Whipple joins Paul to discuss his new book, The Gatekeepers: How the White House Chiefs of Staff Define Every Presidency. It’s a fascinating look at the role of the chief, key reflections on the successes and failures of chiefs of the past. It also details the time of the president’s former chief, Reince Priebus, and current Chief General John Kelly.

Then, Paul chats with Greenhouse Theater Center Artistic Director Jacob Harvey about its upcoming season, along with a challenging undertaking of the MC-10 Playwrights Ensemble. That’s a gathering of incredible talents to assist them in writing new works in the coming seasons.

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