Sean Griffin: On Strength, Health, Happiness and Finding Your Purpose

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John Duffy Podcast

Sean Griffin is the owner of Chicago Primal Gym, and he’s here today to share some of his incredible insights on how to cultivate strength, health, and happiness.  Sean opened his gym back in 2013, and has managed to build an extremely tight-knit community of more than 250 members.  What interests me about Sean’s philosophies is that they tend to differ from the norm —  he describes the CPG experience as being like the TV show “Cheers,” except you’re in a gym instead of a bar!  Hope you enjoy this one as much as I did!

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Highlights of this episode include:

— Why Sean dropped out of corporate America 

— How he came to discover his path lie in helping people achieve fitness instead

— How he was highly influenced by books like “The Alchemist” and “The Untethered Soul”

— Some unconventional habits Sean has adopted for the gym such as friday gratitude circles

— What is unconditional positive regard, the importance of taking action, and much much more!