“Seventy percent of medical debt is held by people who are insured”

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Natalie Shure joins Matt Bubala to talk about the Democratic Socialists of America’s 2017 event this weekend.

The Democratic Socialists of America Convention is being held this weekend at the University of Illinois-Chicago until Sunday.  Los Angeles based writer and producer Natalie Shure joins Matt Bubala to talk politics of socialism and capitalism. Shure says socialism has a bad stigma because Americans grow up “targets of propaganda.” Shure feels socialism is an idea internalized for Americans based on constructed campaigns.

In this segment, Shure debates the pros and cons of socialism versus capitalism. This Chicago native describes socialism as a structure where “a business or an institution collectively provides capital.”  This system is the opposite of what Americans have, because capitalists make a profit, instead of having resources evenly distributed. This former journalist and Peace Corps member says, “we live in a society that makes you buy [socialism] like healthcare.”  Shure talks with Bubala, Roger Badesch and listeners about high health care premiums, social security, Medicare and work wages. Ideally, Shure believes in implementing a single payer system which allows the option to use one insurance pool instead of having multiple ones. The convention this weekend includes a single payer discussion. For more information, visit dsaconvention.org.