Edgebrook owl statue came within one vote of being named ‘Owly McOwlface’

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Laura Guenther, president of Everyday Edgebrook and owner of Local Goods Chicago (left) and sculptor Todd Willing flank Eddie the Everyday Edgebrook Owl. (Everyday Edgebrook / Facebook / via DNAinfo)

CHICAGO — The results are in.

Voters have chosen the relatively traditional “Eddie” as the name for the metal owl sculpture perched in Edgebrook, beating runner-up “Owly McOwlface” by a single vote.

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Last month, the neighborhood group Everyday Edgebrook sponsored a 4-foot metal sculpture of a wide-eyed owl and set it in front of Local Goods Chicago, 5422 W. Devon Ave., where it will stay for about a year, group president Laura Guenther said.

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