Powell: Steve Bartman Took the High Road, Now He Has a World Series Ring

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By Kevin Powell

Steve Bartman has turned down hundreds, if not thousands, of interview requests. He reportedly declined a six-figure offer to appear in a Super Bowl commercial.  Book deals, public appearances, etc. You name it, Bartman could have had it. Instead, he’s taken the high road. Opting to steer clear of the public eye to live a private life. And can you blame him?

Bartman was and still is unfairly blamed for the Cubs choke-job in the 2003 NLCS. The Cubs didn’t lose because of Bartman. It’s not debatable. And if you’re still bitter about it, relax. It’s time to move on, just as the Cubs have.

Read statement’s from the Cubs and Bartman here

In a world where ‘InstaFamous’ is a thing. And YouTube stars are cashing in dough. And idiotic reality stars will say and do anything just for a little extra publicity. Steve Bartman has quietly gone about his business, avoiding the fame at all costs. And I respect the hell out of that.

Bartman hasn’t lashed out at Cubs fans. He never ripped the organization. He’s kept quiet. He’s a class act. And it was a classy move by the Cubs to give him a World Series ring.

This is closure. At least I hope it is for Bartman. He can continue to avoid the spotlight. Forget throwing out the first pitch at Wrigley. That’s where fans threw beer on him. Now, he can relax at home and privately admire his brand new World Series ring.

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