Saturday Night Special 7.29.17 | Hot Sauce

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Amy Guth challenges the hottest sauce ever with O'Neill Ryan of Pepper Palace

On this edition of the Saturday Night Special, host Amy Guth turns up the heat and dives in to the topic of hot sauce. Amy welcomes a group of hot sauce experts to help her dig deeper into the science, history and business of hot sauce.

O’Neill Ryan of Pepper Palace Chicago stops by to show off some of his best selling sauces and talk about Pepper Palace’s move to all in-house sauces. Plus, Amy challenges their hottest sauce, “The End”, and lives to tell the tale.

Director of the Chile Pepper Institute, Dr. Paul Bosland, joins by phone to talk all things peppers, including the history and science behind our favorite hot plant.

Steve Seabury of High River Sauces shares his story of how he went from music industry veteran to hot sauce honcho. He talks about his heavy metal cookbook, “Mosh-Potatoes“, and some of his favorite recipes from rock legends like Lemmy of Motörhead and Joey Belladonna of Anthrax.

Finally, Fuego Box founder Mike McAdams caps off the show by discussing the business of his hot sauce subscription service and how they’re bringing attention to some delicious small batch sauces.