Roller Derby, born in Chicago 82 years ago, to get its own week

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Roller Derby was born in Chicago in the 1930s after a promoter was looking to capitalize of roller skating's growing popularity. (National Roller Derby Hall of Fame / DNAinfo)

SOUTH LOOP — Roller Derby, the occasionally bone-crushing sport born in Chicago, is set to get its own week.

World Roller Derby Week will start Aug. 13 in Coliseum Park, 1513 S. Wabash Ave., the site of the old Chicago Coliseum where roller derby debuted in 1935.

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Back then the country was in the middle of the Great Depression, and promoter Leo Seltzer was looking for a new draw. Inspired by “walkathons” in the Pacific Northwest and the growing popularity of roller rinks, Seltzer decided to combine the two into roller derby.

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