Laura: On Raising Confident & Resilient Children

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John Duffy Podcast

Returning to the podcast for this week’s episode is my esteemed colleague Laura Kaehler.  We talking largely about the anxiety that tends to develop in our kids during the late high school to early college transition, and some approached we can take as parents to ensure that we’re sending them out into the world to confidently embrace the challenges of life, and the resilience to bounce back from setbacks.

If you don’t recall Laura’s story, feel free scroll back through the archives for another great listen!

Topics we hit in this episode include:

— Why are kids growing more and more anxious toward getting their drivers license?

— Instilling confidence and resilience in our kids

— Is Snapchat is cleverly designed to circumvent us parents?

— Is taking the phone away ever an effective punishment?

— Why you should make an effort to understand your kid’s music

— Our musings on when medication can be useful


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