Saturday Night Special 7.22.17 | Women & Violence

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(From left) Mary Munez, Amy Guth and Marie Anderson

This week on the Saturday Night Special with Amy Guth, we take on the very real problem of women & violence, especially instances of domestic violence and sex trafficking.

To be sure, this is not a problem that only affects women. 1 in 4 men have suffered physical or emotional abuse at the hands of a domestic partner and have similarly been affected by human traffickers around the globe. However, we focus our gaze on women due to the statistical disparity between genders.

First, Amy talks with cultural commentator Britt Julious  about the recent and past allegations of sexual misconduct against R&B singer R.Kelly and attempts to find out how people can still be fans of the singer while such allegations exist.

Next, Marie Anderson and Mary Munez stop by in-studio to talk about the Hidden Tears Project and their upcoming fundraiser to benefit the organization titled, “Safe, Savvy, Successful”. The event takes place July 30th at Chicago Artist Studios and tickets are available here.

Attorney Beth F. McCormack is a Partner at Beerman Law as well as a member of the Advisory Council at Between Friends, a nonprofit agency dedicated to breaking the cycle of domestic violence and building a community free of abuse. She discusses with Amy how her practice in law and work with Between Friends inform one another and what those in volatile domestic situations can do to help themselves.

Finally, Amy talks with Erika Valenciana, a filmmaker working on a short documentary about sex trafficking in Ecuador, titled “The Middle of the World”.

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