Waddle with penguins at Lincoln Park Zoo’s latest Encounters

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African penguins mingle with guests at the Lincoln Park Zoo's Penguin Cove. (©Todd Rosenberg Photography 2017 / Lincoln Park Zoo / via DNAinfo)

LINCOLN PARK — Press the tuxedo for your next visit to Lincoln Park Zoo, that is if you plan to mingle in style with the penguin elite.

The zoo has added what it calls Penguin Encounters, in which small groups of visitors can actually mix with African penguins in the Penguin Cove exhibit.

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The zoo makes it clear that it’s not exactly swimming with the dolphins, and there’ll be no high fives with penguin flippers. The flightless birds from the southern tip of Africa “voluntarily participate in these encounters and are accompanied by a keeper,” the zoo says. “While penguins may choose to approach guests, they may also choose to leave the encounter area.

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