Creator of ‘Chasing Earhart’ talks how The History Channel’s new photo of Amelia Earhart “set the world on fire “

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Chris Williamson, project creator of Chasing Earhart. (Photo Courtesy of Chris Williamson).

Project creator of Chasing Earhart, Chris Williamson, describes The History Channel’s investigation of a new Amelia Earhart photo as a jury trial, since most of the talk about this new photo is based on word of mouth. There are several theories to describe what happened the day Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan crashed their plane. Chasing Earhart is an online blog, dedicated to researching Earhart. Williamson has been interested in the iconic Amelia Earhart since the third grade. He hopes to help portray how Earhart lived, rather than how she died. This weekend, Williamson was at the Amelia Earhart Festival in Atchinson, KS, where he’s in the process of collecting data for a documentary set to be released in Fall 2019. Bi-weekly podcasts are uploaded on the blog and social media.


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