The John Williams Show Full Podcast 07.12.17: Human chain rip tide rescuer, Donald Trump Jr. defends e-mails, Olympics Bronze Medalist Chaunte Lowe

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A Scott Stantis cartoon of John Williams. (Scott Stantis / Chicago Tribune)

A Florida woman rescued a drowning family from a rip tide by creating a human chain. Jessica Simmons joins John to tell her amazing story. Plus, Donald Trump, Jr. defends response to e-mail promising damaging information on Hillary Clinton. John plays back audio of Trump, Jr.’s visit with Sean Hannity. Northwestern University Professor of Earth & Planetary Science Yarrow Axford tells John what it means that a giant ice shelf broke away from Antarctica. And, finally, Olympics High Jump Competitor Chaunte Lowe is honored with the bronze medal eight years after her victory. She tells her story here.