Brian Noonan Show 7/9/17: Dr. Alan Hirsch, new study that links scents to nostalgia

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Brian talks being stuck in a box with his wife, ethical quandaries, and Dr. Alan Hirsch discusses his latest study.

To kick off the show, Brian talks to Roger Badesch in the newsroom about the Irish fest. Brian and his wife volunteered to be “locked in a box together for 3 hours”! They also discuss ethical quandaries, as Brian found money laying on the ground and had to decide whether to keep the money or try to return it.

Then, Dr. Alan Hirsch joins the show to discuss what can lead to the loss of smell or taste and reveals the number 1 cause is head trauma in car accidents. Dr. Alan also discusses his latest study that links various scents and aromas to nostalgia.

Lastly, Brian welcomes legal expert Karen Conti into the studio to discuss the latest legal news. Karen talks about the legality of Serena Williams’ car accident, then answers legal questions from listeners.


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