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After Hours with Rick Kogan: The 59th Dearborn Garden Walk, Newberry Library Book Fair & Bughouse Square Debates

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Rick Kogan

Rick focuses this week’s show on some fantastic events that are coming up in the last few weeks of July. First, he talks to the lovely Nina Ganz, Louise Study and Mimi Winter about the magical 59th Dearborn Garden Walk, which opens 21 gardens to the public, and also offers architecture tours, music and gardening seminars. Then, Dan Crawford, manager of the book fair at the Newberry Library joins Rick to preview this year’s fair and comment on some of the special books and merchandise they’ll be selling. Karen Christianson, Director of Public Engagement at the library then tells Rick about this year’s edition of the Bughouse Square Debates. Then, Rick asks producer Lise about her new job as a fill-in traffic reporter.