Water Features For Every Budget

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Aquascape founder Greg Wittstock and Frank Fontana.(David Miranda)

Greg Wittstock- Founder of Aquascape

There are water features for every budget, and people often start small to get their feet wet and then build on from there if they find they are really getting into the water gardening or ponding lifestyle.

A container water garden– You can put a patio pond virtually anywhere, and it gives  you the opportunity to add aquatic plants and small fish to your backyard living.

Add a small pond- You don’t have to have a multi-acre estate to add a small pond or waterfall/pondless waterfall. DIY kit or via a professional installation of an ecosystem pond there are many options, as well as a small pondless waterfall or waterfall.

Water & Garden Showcase, Experience Dozens of Residential Gardens with Inspiring Water Features.


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