Bill Leff and ‘Elton’ Jim Turano Full Show 7-3-17

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(ABC/Sony Pictures Entertainment)

‘Elton’ Jim Turano is in for Wendy Snyder as Bill Leff returns from a trip to Maine only to find he’s behind on a week’s worth of sports news, so Andy Masur gets him caught up; Elton Jim declares this the “summer of the game show” as classics like the Gong Show and Pyramid return to the airwaves and the guys listen to a clip of Richard Dawson melting down on a 1977 Match Game episode; Jewel Osco has a new cyclops mascot named JoJo; Kristen McQueary of the Chicago Tribune editorial board joins the show to talk Illinois’ budget woes and President Trump’s lack of self-control on social media, and more.