Trump signs National Space Council order; Matt Bubala talks with one woman who volunteered to live on Mars

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President Trump signed an executive order to reinstate The National Space Council (Getty).

On Friday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order for the National Space Council during a press conference with NASA employees, reinstating a group that’s almost 25 years old. Trump emphasized the technological and security benefits about space.

This week, Matt talks with political consultant  Sonia Van Meter about President Trump’s order, her work as a democratic opposition researcher and why she’s volunteering to live on Mars.

During the conference, Trump said that this new board includes secretaries of state, transportation, defense, commerce and homeland security and NASA. Van Meter is a qualified candidate for NASA’s Mars One project. The Mars One organization is a mission to establish humans on Mars permanently. Van Buren is married and currently lives in Texas, but says her husband is supportive of her decision to possibly live on Mars forever. Van Meter says she would like to live on Mars, since the cost of living would be cheaper and she feels that it’s a good way to learn about sustainability.  The project is set to be effective in 2025, but Van Meter says it has been slow progress due to low funding.

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