The Mincing Rascals 06.29.17: #CuckooTrumpBracket, Chicago Public Schools, Illinois budget stand-off, Code of Silence in the CPD

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(Created and illustrated by Makenzie Flom)

Today, the Mincing Rascals are WGN Radio’s John Williams and Steve Bertrand, and Chicago Tribune’s Eric Zorn and Scott Stantis. President Trump flabbergasts John for the first time with one of his worst public statements yet, found on Twitter. The Rascals discuss John’s #CuckooTrumpBracket, inspired by such remarks and similar actions of our president. They wonder if Trump’s tweets are even worth discussing anymore. Then, the Rascals mince over the Chicago Public Schools loan that landed it with a $70,000 a day interest, and the continuing state budget stand-off. They ponder whether closing a Chicago underpass is the appropriate solution to another shooting, and they discuss the likelihood that three officers followed the Code of Silence following Jason Van Dyke’s shooting of Laquan McDonald as speculated. And, finally, the Rascals explain why the loss of faith in the Chicago Cubs is creeping upon Eric.

Steve recommends “The Hero,” a movie about the lives of actors after they hit their peaks.

Eric recommends a Malcolm Gladwell podcast, “Miss Buchanan’s Period of Adjustment”about imperfections in the Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court ruling.

Scott recommends that you listen to the music of Daniel Lanois.

John recommends the movie, “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”.

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