Professor John McGinnis on SCOTUS case docket: “Not just giving someone a cake that tastes good, but being part of an expressive society”

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In this March 13, 2014 photo, Dave Mullins, left, and his husband Charlie Craig play cards and talk after a work day, at their home in Westminster, Colo. The couple filed a legal complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Commission against a Denver-area baker who refused to make a wedding cake for the two men, based on his religious beliefs. The baker, Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips, is appealing a ruling by a judge in December 2013 which upheld the complaint, and orders the baker to serve gay couples despite his religious beliefs or face fines. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

Northwestern University Law Professor John McGinnis explains the arguments on either side of select Supreme Court cases, publicly released this week. John and Professor McGinnis debate classifications of the role of freedom speech in the case of the gay couple, who was denied service by a Colorado cake shop. Then, Professor McGinnis tells John whether or not he believes President Trump’s travel ban and the Draft Kings cases are worth being heard by the Supreme Court.