Jaimal Yogis On Fear, Surfing & The Magic of The Ocean

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John Duffy Podcast

Jaimal Yogis is the author of three books (arguably with the most awesome titles ever), “Saltwater Buddha,” “The Fear Project,” and the forthcoming “All Our Waves Are Water.”  His work centers around the intersections of surfing, fear, meditation, eastern philosophy and personal memoir, the journey of which began when he ran away from home at age 16 to go learn how to surf in Hawaii in the wake of his parents’ divorce.  Jaimal has taken the lessons he’s learned from the ocean and his travels and applied them everyday life in way that’s pretty awe-inspiring.

Highlights of this episode include:

— Why Jaimal ran way at home at age 16 to learn how to surf in Hawaii

— How his adventures as a youth influenced his parenting style today

— All the great ways surfing serves as a metaphor for life

— Why spending time in the water is like magic

— Why he decided to write an entire book about fear following a break-up

— The ancient roots of fear, and how we’re biologically wired to “fight, flight or flee”