How much candy can you fit into one peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

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On Monday, June 26th, Justin Kaufmann had the distinct honor to judge a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich making contest held by the Blind Service Association as part of their Pathways summer youth program. In June and July, Blind Service Association sponsors a six-week program open to blind and visually impaired students aged 10 to 18. Pathways includes training in daily living skills, such as cooking, house cleaning, shopping, cane travel and money management. The kids who took part in the contest went to the store to purchase their ingredients and prepared their unique creations with items purchased at the store. The kids used peanut butter, jelly, Nutella, chips, fruit and candy. Lots and lots of candy. And after tasting about 15 different sandwiches and a long deliberation period, Justin eventually declared the winner of the contest. The winning sandwich featured cheese and apricots!


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