Writer and critic Jeremy McCarter’s ‘Young Radicals’ and ‘Hamilton: The Revolution’

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Rick and writer Jeremy McCarter

In Jeremy McCarter’s book, Young Radicals: In the War for American Ideals, he delves into the dramatic era of the early 1900’s to focus on five ahead-of-their-time radicals: Max Eastman, Walter Lippmann, Alice Paul, John Reed & Randolph Bourne.

Jeremy joined Rick in the studio to talk about his 6 year winding path to finishing the book & to explain why he chose to rewrite its epilogue after the election and the Women’s March. They also talked about Hamilton: The Revolution, which he co-wrote with his friend Lin-Manuel Miranda. Finally, Jeremy and Rick discussed the current political climate and Jeremy explained the importance of continued activismemphasizing that, “there is always something more to do.”

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