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Wheeler Walker Jr. | Sound Sessions Interview “Modern Country Music is like the Minor Leagues of Pop Music”

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Wheeler Walker Jr. [Sound Sessions]

Wheeler Walker Jr. is a force to be reckoned with as far as his music and lyrical composition are concerned.  The Kentucky native and offbeat songwriting virtuoso joins Michael and Kevin on this episode of Sound Sessions.  See Wheeler Walker Jr. LIVE at Joe’s on Weed Street – July 22nd.  [Warning Explicit Language]

Wheeler Walker Jr. is one of those rare artists that stands by his music through and through.  We discuss the importance of staying genuine to the songwriting process and the music industries/streaming services issues when it comes to censorship.  Wheeler also discusses his surprising rise to fame on “black twitter”, the unorthodox ways Wheeler promotes his music whether it be through new media like podcasts or on certain websites that prove more popular than traditional music publications (we’ll let you use your imagination on this one).   We also touch on Wheeler’s influences, the first “uncensored” song  he wrote and his beef with a popular Chicago radio host.

Be sure  to pick up his new album, “Ol’ Wheeler” – You’ll be happy you did.

Listen To The Full Interview Right Here:

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