FLOW and Lawyers for the Creative Arts team up for Writers’ Rights: “We’re about trying to even the playing field”

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(Curbside Splendor Publishing)

Dave Hoekstra talks with writer and ‘For the Love of Writing’ member Sandra Jackson-Opoku and lawyer Jan Feldman of the Lawyers for the Creative Arts about the upcoming joint event and workshop taking place this Saturday 6/17 at the BAPA Community Room (11109 S. Longwood) in Beverly.  Jackson-Opoku talks about FLOW’s mission on empowering African American female writers and navigating them through the often-choppy waters of getting work published.  Feldman shares some of his experience with helping writers, especially who don’t have a lot of means, learn to negotiate legal landmines like contracts, copyrights, defamation and plagiarism, and authors’ rights, the various pitfalls the come up with the rise of self-publishing, and more.