The John Williams Show Full Podcast 06.12.17: Trump’s honesty vs. Comey’s honesty, Jeff Sessions testimony, Donald Trump vs. Julius Caesar

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John Williams (Stephanie Menendez / WGN Radio)

Steve Bertrand returns from his week-long listener trip to Iceland. John catches up with him. Then, based on last week’s critically acclaimed testimony of James Comey, John shares a poll on honesty that compares that of our president to that of the fired FBI director. You call in, telling us which bills you agree that Governor Rauner should sign, out of the 10 highlighted in the Chicago Sun-Times. ABC News Washington Correspondent Serena Marshall tells us what to expect in tomorrow’s testimony of Jeff Sessions. And, listeners weigh in on the appropriateness of Public Theater‘s Julius Caesar character, which conspicuously uses President Trump as a muse.

Follow the Jeff Sessions testimony with us tomorrow at 1:30.