No Coast Cinema Ep. 5 | Soft Cage Films and Nick Alonzo

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(Left to right) Conor Cornelius, Nick Alonzo, David Holcombe & Adam Blaszkiewicz

This week on No Coast Cinema, it’s a packed house as hosts Tom Hush and Conor Cornelius welcome David Holcombe & Adam Blaszkiewicz of Soft Cage Films and “S**tcago” writer/director Nick Alonzo.

Soft Cage Films is a non-profit film production company that is dedicated to engaging the public through the production and promotion of socially relevant films that use experimental techniques to challenge traditional notions of society and to explore psychological truths. Director David Holcombe and cinematographer Adam Blaszkiewicz talk about the formation of Soft Cage, their collaborative creative energy and how their films capture the character and spirit of Chicago.

Filmmaker Nick Alonzo discusses his own film, “S***cago”, and how it functions as a darkly comedic diary of life in Chicago. He also chats about his upcoming double feature screening with Soft Cage and the similar themes and attitudes between their films.

Plus, the gang pitches their favorite films of the 21st century (so far) and Tom and Conor look at the problem of cinematic universes in blockbuster films.

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