The John Williams Show Full Podcast: Social media and Addison Russell, Former Congressman Trey Radel, President Trump news conference, Bright Side of Life

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John Williams broadcasts from the roof at the Tribune Tower overlooking Michigan Avenue.

John kicks off the show by asking you for your thoughts on the role of social media in domestic abuse cases, in light of an investigation on Chicago Cub Addison Russell. One listener weighs in with the cautionary story of her beautician’s boyfriend. Then, John interviews Former Florida Republican Congressman Trey Radel, who talks about his book, Democrazy: A True Story of Weird Politics, Money, Madness, and Finger Food, and joins John in analyzing President Trump’s news conference. A surprise guest makes his cameo outside the window, a guest who is particularly important to John’s producers, Elif and Griffin. And, finally, John wants your Bright Side of Life.

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