No Coast Cinema Ep. 4 | Matt Storc,”Take Back the Knife”

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Welcome to episode 4 of No Coast Cinema, your trusty guide to cinema in Chicago and around the world!

This week, hosts Tom Hush and Conor Cornelius welcome writer/director Matt Storc to the show to talk about his new feature film, “Take Back the Knife”.

The film centers around a group of three “final girls” who have escaped psychos, murderers and radioactive lake zombies and are looking for a relaxing camping getaway. However, these girls are far from safe when a new terror stalks them deep in the woods and they must flip the script on horror movie victimhood.

Storc talks about the long production process, the creative influences that permeate the film’s style and his efforts to create distinct female characters that subvert cliche.

The gang also takes a look at the “Alien” franchise in a new segment called “Series Business” and Tom and Conor discuss the controversy surrounding Alamo Drafthouse’s all-women Wonder Woman screenings.


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