The Mincing Rascals 06.01.17: A continued state budget impasse, JB Pritzker for Treasurer, Covfefe, Kushner and Russia

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This week, the Mincing Rascals are Chicago Tribune’s Eric Zorn, Scott Stantis and Kristen McQueary, and WGN Radio’s Steve Bertrand. Steve fills John’s host seat. The Rascals deliberate over possible excuses for the Illinois House’s inability to pass a budget. Having just returned from Springfield, Kristen has a lot to say. Then, could there be anything incriminating in that wiretapped evidence of J.B. Pritzker’s interest in buying the Illinois Treasurer’s seat from former Governor Rod Blagojevich? James Comey has decided to testify next week, and the President needs a supervisor on his Twitter account. Finally, the Rascals debate Jared Kushner’s role in private communication with Russia.

Kristen does not have a recommendation, but she will be starting a dietary cleanse. Perhaps that will be part of next week’s recommendation.

Eric recommends that you listen to Netflix stand-up specials as you drive.

Scott recommends that you watch the U.K. version of “House of Cards.”

Steve recommends that you watch “Master of None” on Netflix.