Comedian and filmmaker Demetri Martin: “Sometimes I feel like the world is designed specifically not to give people money for being creative”

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Justin Kaufmann and Demetri Martin

Musician, artist, comedian, actor and filmmaker Demetri Martin joins Justin to discuss his new movie, “Dean,” which opens in Chicago tomorrow. Demetri talks about writing, directing and acting in the film, why he considers the movie a “dramedy,” the personal nature of the film, the challenge of pulling back some of the jokes, exploring suspended adolescence and friendships between older men, how making the movie was an opportunity to hang out with friends, the importance of finding a connection with other human beings, how social media doesn’t work well for him, what he enjoys about telling stories, when he decided he wanted to be a full-time stand-up comedian, the role illustrations play in the movie and the anxiety involved in being the writer and director of the film.

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