Why Candy Crush players might be eligible to take part in a class-action suit over lost “lives”

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(FILES) In this file picture taken on January 25, 2014 a man plays at Candy Crush Saga on his Iphone in Rome. (GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images)

The founder and managing partner of Siprut PC, Joseph Siprut is the litigator behind a class-action suit that alleges that the makers of Candy Crush offered players free lives if they connected their accounts to Facebook and marketed Candy Crush to their friends, and then without warning deleted the lives. Siprut argues that Candy Crush lives have a monetary value of about 20 cents, which is what they cost if not donated by friends. Mr. Siprut joins Anna Davlantes and Pat Brady (in for Roe Conn) to talk about who is eligible for this suit.

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