Universal Design, Wonder Woman, Dark Side of Social Media, ROOF on the Wit

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Dan Taddei, Mimi Altman, John Oetking, Frank Fontana and Katy Lynch. (David Miranda)

Universal Design for All http://www.narichicago.org/
Assuming that multiple generations are living in the home grandparents, parents, young children, etc. and focuses on designing remodeling projects for everyone, regardless of age, height, vision/hearing impairment, physical capabilities.
Mimi Altman, Executive Director, National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s Greater Chicagoland Chapter
John Oetking, Certified Remodeler, Universal Design Certified Professional, A Street Builders, Western Springs, NARIGC Board member
 Dan Taddei, Director of Education/Certification for the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI headquarters)

WONDER WOMAN- Katy Lynch https://www.codeverse.com/
A serial entrepreneur and tech powerhouse. She just launched what she and her husband, Craig Ulliott, call their “legacy company,” a disruptive concept in education and technology called Codeverse, which has a mission to teach one billion children to code internationally.
FRANKLY SPEAKING- The Dark Side of Social Media http://ww8.northshoreuniversityhealthsystem.com/
Its Impact & How to Unplug. Clinical Psychologist at NorthShore University Neely Benn, (kneel-EE)

Chef Nathan Sears http://roofonthewit.com/
Recently launched an entirely new menu, broken into four sections, from the hearth oven, warm, cold and dessert.

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