Kelli: On Losing A Parent To Suicide & Processing Grief

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John Duffy Podcast

Today’s guest is my friend Kelli — an incredible wife and mother, a vice president at a company you’ve probably heard of, and one of the most all-around brilliant, vibrant people I know.  The story Kelli’s here to share begins shortly after she finished college and moved to Los Angeles, when she unfortunately lost her mother to suicide. What followed were some very difficult years during which she stayed incredibly busy as a way to cope, until a car accident forced her to finally slow down and begin the process of processing her grief…

— The sudden loss of her mother to suicide, and how she coped by staying incredibly busy  [2:25]
— The car accident that forced her to finally deal with her mother’s death  [6:15]
— The disastrous night that convinced her to finally seek therapy  [11:00]
— The process of getting into therapy  [14:30]
— Feeling embarrassment about getting help  [19:30]
— Kelli’s advice for people who may be struggling with intense feelings [25:15]