Jenniffer Weigel’s new book on Psychics, Healers & Mediums: “They’re not burning patchouli, they’re saving lives”

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Photos courtesy of Jenniffer Weigel and her Facebook.

Jen Weigel, writer and host of WGN Plus podcast I’m Spiritual, Dammit joined Rick Kogan to talk about her latest book, ‘Psychics, Healers & Mediums: A Journalist, a Road Trip,  and Voices from the Other Side.’ She told Rick about how she put the book together, commented on the common misconception that all psychics are shysters and she tells Rick the difference between psychics, mediums and healers. She shared a few stimulating stories from her book and talked about the common theme of hardships people have when growing up with a gift. She also previewed her coming live talk at Victory Gardens.