The Mincing Rascals 05.11.17: James Comey is fired, backlash toward Alderman Lopez, abortion in Illinois and a Congressman cop-out

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The Mincing Rascals are WGN Radio’s John Williams and Steve Bertrand, and Chicago Tribune’s Eric Zorn this week. They speculate over possible reasons President Trump fired now-former FBI Director James Comey. They ponder the meaning behind Alderman Raymond Lopez’s (15th) comment regarding gang warfare and collateral damage. The Rascals debate whether or not the abortion bill will earn the signature of one Governor Rauner. And, finally, what is Iowan First District Congressman Rod Blum hiding?

Steve recommends the “Genius” series on National Geographic, based on a book about Albert Einstein.

Eric recommends Patti Vasquez’s interview with Speaker of the House Mike Madigan, and an interview transcribed by The Economist, between The Economist and President Trump.

John recommends Neil Degrasse Tyson’s latest work, Astrophysics for People in a Hurry.