Wintrust Business Lunch 5/10/17: The Man Behind Wintrust, Sinclair’s Acquisition & Fort Knox Studios

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Ed Wehmer (CEO of Wintrust Bank) with Terry Savage & Steve Bertrand on the Wintrust Business Lunch

Steve Bertrand kicked off the Wintrust Business Lunch with a special guest, the man who puts Wintrust in the Business Lunch, Ed Wehmer (CEO and President of Wintrust Bank). Steve, along with Terry Savage chatted about Ed’s perspective on the Chicago business climate and where he sees the Midwest economy going. Frank Sennett also detailed the latest addition to the Sinclair real estate portfolio after the purchase of the Tribune Media company, and Steve closed out the preview of the James Tyree Emerging Business Leadership Award Finalist with Dan Mahoney Sr. (Founder & Managing Partner of Fort Knox Studios & 2112).